The Womanizer 2GO has the appearance of a large lipstick.



Ideal for this Womanizer is that you take it with you in your handbag and nobody will notice it
because the Womanizer 2GO has the appearance of a large lipstick.

When you take off the cap, the pink-red stimulation cap of the womanizer is hidden below. This Womanizer 2Go spoils the clitoris.

This Lipstick Womanizer has 6 intensity levels and these are easy to operate with a push button.

The cap is removable and every womanizer 2Go 2 sizes are delivered. One with a smaller one and one with a larger opening. Not every woman has the same clitoris, so find out which cover fits you.

The Womanizer 2 Go is waterproof so you can also take it with you in the bath or in the shower. Charging is very easy with the included USB cable.

Color: High gloss black Whisper mode: 42dB Size: 130 x 35 mm Material: ABS, Silicone Charging: with supplied USB cable Charging time: Completely empty 120 minutes Duration average: 240 minutes Opzetkapjes: Different dimensions opening cap 11 x 13 mm and 17 x 23 mm


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