Anyway, I’m also liking rookie Chris Rainey, who had an

There have always been incidents involving fans at sporting events whether it be with each other, players, coaches or officials. On and off the field violence has always existed. There just weren’t as many cameras around to capture it all. Peace Walker introduced the Mother Base to the series a paramilitary stronghold you’d staff by […]

Look through the portholes inside the Wreck Bar at the

This is what made gasp Al Franken and double gasp Hillary Clinton such great Senators. You didn see their heads on fucking cable news every night. They famously and proudly had the workhorse not showhorse mentality. Are clumped together and not separated enough. Playing lossless audio helps definitely wholesale jerseys, but imo need to be […]

There wasn a dry eye in the building

Born in Newark, Christie volunteered for Thomas Kean’s gubernatorial campaign at age 15. At Seton Hall. He practiced law 1987 2002. While labor unions are not as prominent today as they once were, they still play a vital role in protecting and representing America’s workforce. Poor immigrant workers have been frequent victims of sweatshops. So […]

And the AG knows this but is running interference

PHOENIX More than 3,000 checked bags missed their outbound flights in Phoenix on Thursday because of a problem with a screening system at Sky Harbor International Airport, officials with Transportation Security Administration said. But Melendez said TSA hoped to be back online shortly and that it wasn’t a safety issue. “TSA is working diligently with […]