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Kenney and his government have long said money from the United States is behind many of the campaigns to shut down the oilsands, crippling pipeline construction and throwing the economy of the wealthiest per capita province into disarray. Foundations to Canadian environmentalists over the past decade. (Krause has been a contributor to the Financial Post.). […]

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I’ve used these for anything from GoPro videos to time lapse photography done with my phone. They provide just the right amount of stability to take pics of almost anything. Then there’s the space saving, light weight nature of these tripods. HRW also cites the Development Diamond Initiative, which is helping register artisanal diamond miners, […]

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Storm aftermath. Weather will become something that we hardly think about but for now it remains front page news. Thursday was our third day of brief but violent storms in less than a month. Lend a helping hand. Most sex positions male masturbation, however, leave the clitoris wide open. So get your hands into the […]